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Choosing the appropriate legal structure for the business: a sole proprietorship, a general or limited partnership or a corporation is one of the main factors to be considered when opening your new business. This structure determines many tax and liability factors.

Searching for a business name and registering your business name, applying for an HST, WSIB, EHT account number or for an Import/Export number can be time consuming for you or costly when done by a legal firm.

Trademark, patent and registration of domain names may also need to be addressed in order to ensure the protection of your business entity.

D.I.Consulting will register your business and obtain all the business numbers on your behalf. We will also apply for all other relevant permits and licences your business may ned in order to legally operate.


Keeping track of all documents in a business, recording the bills, invoices, and payroll, writing the cheques and monitoring the banking position on a daily basis can sometimes be more time consuming than running the business at hand.

Outsourcing your Bookkeeping will ensure real time, proper recording of all facets of your business. Add the cost savings with staffing overheads, operating costs and management time and you will have the proper formula for freeing up essential working capital. 

Having the Bookkeeping and the Accounting services provided by the same professional firm will reduce your administrative cost even more.

D.I.Consulting will manage your Bookkeeping and ensure there is no extra cost with re-entering incorrect details by an Accounting firm. With us your books and your accounts are consolidated and efficiently streamlined in just one place, under just one scrutiny.


There are many levels of Provincial and Federal Taxes and other mandatory reporting that your business will need to comply with on an interim or annual basis.

D.I.CONSULTING will help you eliminate the tedious and costly venture of tax filing for the following types of remittances: T4, T4A, T5,  T5018, ROE, PD7A, HST, WSIB, EHT and other levies.

Government electronic filing is rapidly becoming mandatory for large corporations as well as for companies of medium and of small size. D.I.CONSULTING will set you up with e-Files, thus ensuring that your reporting is never late and that the refunds you may be entitled to are being received much faster.


Speed - Automation - Appraisal - Forecasting;

this is what Bookkeeping and Accounting software will bring to your business, all done in one place, in house or online, easy to use and cost effective.

QuickBooks, Simply Accounting, ACCPAC, Business Vision or MYOB are all bookkeeping and accounting packages designed to track, manage and report your organisation’s financial activity.  

D.I.Consulting will install the software which is most suitable for your business specifics. The installation will be done either locally on your desktop or on an external server accessible on online, any place, any time.

The number of users is unlimited and can be increased gradually, based on necessity. 

Upgrades and updates of the software will be done automatically while remaining under our direct monitoring.

Accounting helps companies organize their most important business transactions in a manner suitable for reporting on operating and financial performance, while ensuring compliance with provincial and federal regulations on tax remittance.

With a certified Accountant on your side you can make business decisions in an informed, efficient and more profitable manner. All your deadlines will be met, all your interim and annual fiscal reporting will be done and the corporate taxes will be paid in due time.

A good accountant can not only save you a ton of money on taxes, but can also help you structure your company to help position it for long-term success.

D.I.Consulting takes the time to understand your business specifics and to advise on internal controls, risk management, strategy and pricing, cost of loans, labour relations and on any administrative, accounting or financial issue. We consult with you and help you grow.


​Your products or services need an unique market image and sound exposure to the business world. Your online exposure provides significant cost advantages over other types of marketing and advertising.

Our IT department will create, maintain, and integrate your website with various CRM documents which offer the advantage of direct work order placement by your customers and immediate response from you.

At the same time your customers, clients and sales prospects will be able to e-mail requests for estimates or for services directly from your website and benefit from a quick response and efficient resolution.



Small and medium size businesses have neither the time nor the resources to efficiently operate in multiple systems. Unless integrated with the back-office, stand-alone software or modules tracking only inventory, accounts payable, accounts receivable or payroll, will not lead to real-time visibility of business activity. 

Integration provides a competitive edge with abilities to plan your business effectively, to execute predictably and to minimize labor costs and errors associated with disjointed, repetitive data entry and with wasteful manual reconciliation.

Software integration drastically reduces the cost with over-staffing by efficiently achieving multiple tasks with just one data entry.

Eliminating multiple disparate applications and integrating software systems and processes will improve efficiency across your organization and will consequently lead to a significant reduction in operational costs. 

Managing the payroll of a company takes much more than writing checks to employees. You need to keep accurate records, calculate and remit payroll taxes, generate the T4s and balance the T4 Summary at the end of the year, to name only a few tasks.

With outsourced integrated Payroll services you can benefit from automated time tracking and calculation of employees' net wages based on Revenue Canada payroll deduction tables which are updated bi-annually directly into your software system.

The Statement of Remittance reports created by the system will contain information relating to mandatory Tax, CPP & EI deductions and to other voluntary deductions. 

Record of Employment forms will also be created automatically, either in printout or On-line with Revenue Canada.


Whether you chose to install or integrate the bookkeeping & accounting software of your choice with us, or you opt to set up your bookkeeping with us and continue managing the books on your own, our training and support team is ready to assist you with any related issues, on a need to know basis or on a permanent basis, online, on the telephone or on location.

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